Robert Plant said to be eager to put them out though John Paul Jones isn’t.

According to the Guardian, Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant recently came across unreleased tapes from the band featuring John Paul Jones on vocals. The recordings should hopefully be added to a series of remastered and deluxe Led Zeppelin reissues scheduled for some time in 2014.

Speaking to BBC 6 Music, Plant said “there’s some very, very interesting bits and pieces that probably will turn up [soon]. Hidden gems – now that should be the name of [our] band, really.” The material has already been approved by Plant’s bandmate Jimmy Page however there are two tracks featuring John Paul Jones singing lead that Plant is eager to use and for which the famed multi-instrumentalist has apparently offered Plant “two cars and a greenhouse [to leave] them [off] the album.”

While Jones has stated earlier this year that Plant floated the idea of reuniting the legendary band next year, he’s apparently busy for most of 2014 with opera projects. And perhaps now also with further bribing Plant to ensure his vocals never make it further than the memories of those who attended Zeppelin’s 1977 tour where he filled in for Sandy Denny (or its current YouTube incarnation).



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