The trombone-wielding Punch Drunk regular has two new tapes in the works.

Ralph Cumbers’ last full album was 2012’s fine Reeling Skullways, and he’s really only had a solitary single (Stenaline Metranil Solar Flare) to show for himself this year. Which isn’t to say he’s been on gardening leave: last month, Cumbers collaborated with Pinch on a live “electro-retro-futurist” reinterpretation of rollicking 1987 sci-fi flick Robocop. As Resident Advisor report, he’s also been cooking up two new tape releases.

Both tapes are available through Cumbers’ own Magic + Dreams cassette label – typically a repository for Cumbers’ own output, but also previously home to releases from Pipe Dreams and Bass Clef/Ekoplekz collaboration EKOCLEF.

Acid Tracts EP, limited to 94 copies, features six new tracks of tinny, pranging electro, including the 20-minute ‘Lower State of Unconsciousness’ (which wouldn’t have sounded at all out of place on the recent Livity Sound LP, incidentally). The record definitely stretches the definition of an EP to breaking point, featuring 60 minutes worth of music.

Low Point X, meanwhile, arrives under Cumbers’ Some Truths alias, previously tested on three tapes of moduar synth tomfoolery. Low Point X will be the final Some Truths release, and dedicates itself to shimmering electronic drones and sprightly electronic prog.

Both album are available to stream below; head over to the Magic + Dreams Bandcamp to cop the tapes.



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