Long-running sexual battery charges against Cee Lo Green have been thrown out, according to reports.

Almost a year ago to the week, it was revealed that the Goodie Mob veteran was being investigated following allegations of sexual battery. Initial reports suggested Green had assaulted the woman in a restaurant; in fact, Green was accused of spiking a her drink with ecstasy, with the alleged victim claiming to have fallen unconscious and later woken up in Cee Lo’s bed.

TMZ (who else?) are claiming that the Los Angeles District Attorney has now rejected the case outright. The dismissal follows questions over the victim’s story, with police pointing to the fact that Green and his accuser had been sexually and romantically involved for some time before the incident. A ‘smoking gun’ recording of Cee Lo allegedly discussing the incident was also rejected, with the tape supposedly only referencing the fact they took drugs together in the restaurant.

The singer/rapper still faces charges of furnishing ecstasy, but is expected to only get probation. Green has found himself in this position before: he was arrested and held in jail for two days in 2001 after apparently smashing in the windows of his former wife’s car.

[via Exclaim]



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