Darren Cunningham untethers three studio concoctions.

After this year’s wonderful Silver Cloud EP reminded us why Actress is one of the UK’s most valuable exports, we’ve been patiently waiting for him to deliver the very long-awaited Ghettoville LP. The details on that release are still hazy, but in the meantime the London producer has quietly snuck out three tracks via Twitter.

The first, ‘treF’, is a crunchy, twisted computer meltdown, which appears on iTunes under the album Hszalps, suggesting it may be an offcut from Cunningham’s 2010 album Splazsh. ‘jumpyju’ comes without any further detail but has a throbbing, deviant techno pulse that sounds about as Actress as it’s possible to get, while ‘Manuel’ seems like a red herring of sorts – a plasticky guitar (or even harpsichord?) serenade that wobbles its way to the three minute mark.

As Dummy point out, none of the track names match up with the tracklist for Ghettoville, so it seems likely these are giveaways from his cutting room floor.

That should keep us going for now, but in case you need a bit more Actress in your life, his FACT mix from 2010 sounds as bizarre and beguiling as ever.



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