Indie pop touchstone <em>C86</em> to be reissued as expanded two CD set

Cherry Red Records will reissue the legendary set next year.

NME first released the C86 cassette in 1986, licensing music from British indies like Creation, Subway, Probe Plus, and Dreamworld Records; Rough Trade would release the collection as a vinyl LP in 1987. “C86” would become synonymous with (and depending who you ask, a pejorative for) the tape’s jangly indie-pop sound.

In May 2014, London’s Cherry Red Records will reissue C86 as a two-CD set; it will be compiled and annotated by one of its original curators, Neil Taylor. While the C86 Facebook page promises an “expanded” edition, the tracklist there mirrors the original one (reproduced below).

Revisit one of C86‘s breakout acts, Primal Scream, below. Last month, Cherry Red announced plans to release the “lost” second album by cult C86 band The Servants. [via Slicing Up Eyeballs]

Side one:
Primal Scream – ‘Velocity Girl’
The Mighty Lemon Drops – ‘Happy Head’
The Soup Dragons – ‘Pleasantly Surprised’
The Wolfhounds – ‘Feeling So Strange Again’
The Bodines – ‘Therese’
Mighty Mighty – ‘Law’
Stump – ‘Buffalo’
Bogshed – ‘Run to the Temple’
A Witness – ‘Sharpened Sticks’
The Pastels – ‘Breaking Lines’
Age of Chance – ‘From Now On, This Will Be Your God’

Side two:
The Shop Assistants – ‘It’s Up to You’
Close Lobsters – ‘Firestation Towers’
Miaow – ‘Sport Most Royal’
Half Man Half Biscuit – ‘I Hate Nerys Hughes (From The Heart)’
The Servants – ‘Transparent’
The Mackenzies – ‘Big Jim (There’s no pubs in Heaven)’
Big Flame – ‘New Way (Quick Wash And Brush Up With Liberation Theology)’
Fuzzbox – ‘Console Me’
McCarthy – ‘Celestial City’
The Shrubs – ‘Bullfighter’s Bones’
The Wedding Present – ‘This Boy Can Wait’



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