The Not Not Fun offshoot heads for the silver screen.

100% Silk, the label home to deviant dancefloor deconstructions by the likes of Maria Minerva, Octo Octa and label boss Amanda Brown’s LA Vampires, is the subject of a new documentary. Directed by Benjamin Shearn, Silk chronicles a lengthy group tour across Europe, featuring LA Vampires, Ital, Magic Touch and Maria Minerva, and is intercut with seven dance sequences choreographed by Mecca Vazie Andrews and the Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company.

The film, which was crowdfunded by fans, is set to premiere at the Copenhagen International Documentary Festival on November 8 – watch the trailer above. [via Dummy]

The ultra-prolific imprint was launched in 2011 by Amanda Brown as an offshoot of the punkish Not Not Fun imprint, and has this year released records by Polysick, Coyote Clean Up and Pharaohs, among a host of others – Brown’s FACT’s mix can still be heard here.



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