New details have emerged regarding the first album since 1985 from hardcore institution Black Flag.

Two contesting Black Flag line-ups are currently doing the rounds: co-founder Greg Ginn, drummer Gregory Moore, and vocalist Ron Reyes have been touring North America, while Chuck Dukowski, Keith Morris, and Bill Stevenson have teamed up with Stephen Egerton of Descendents and All to form FLAG. Iteration one have previously confirmed that a new album – the band’s first since 1985’s In My Head – has been under construction.

As Brooklyn Vegan report, details of the album have now popped up on iTunes. The album runs to 22 songs, some of which (‘The Chase’, ‘Down In The Dirt’) will be familiar to long-term Black Flag listeners.

SST will release What The.. on November 5. The (let’s be frank, deeply rubbish) cover art is below. Head here to watch Bryan Ray Turcotte’s 2013 documentary about the band and their iconic logo.

1. My Heart’s Pumping
2. Down in the Dirt
3. Blood and Ashe
4. Now Is the Time
5. Wallow in Despair
6. Slow Your Ass Down
7. It’s so Absurd
8. Shut Up
9. This Is Hell
10. Go Away
11. The Bitter End
12. The Chase
13. I’m Sick
14. It’s Not My Time to Go-Go
15. Lies
16. Get Out of My Way
17. Outside
18. No Teeth
19. To Hell and Back
20. Give Me All Your Dough
21. You Gotta Be Joking
22. Off My Shoulders



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