The album will feature five extra cuts for the deluxe edition.

Eminem‘s Marshall Mathers vol.2 is out in a few weeks and following details of the tracklist, as well as three ‘singles’, we now know that the deluxe edition of the album will feature an extra five tracks including collaborations with singer-songwriter Sia and British singer Jamie N Commons.

The additions take the total number of songs on the album to 21 if you opt for the deluxe edition. Features on the standard version include Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna and the lead singer of the band Fun, Nate Ruess. Kendrick, alongside Chance the Rapper and Action Bronson, has also been announced as support for what appears to be a tour of Australia by Eminem in the new year.

Singles from the album so far include ‘Survival’, ‘Berzerk’ and ‘Rap God’.

Marshall Mathers vol.2 is released November 5, 2013. Full tracklist, including bonus tracks, is as follows:

1. ‘Bad Guy’
2. ‘Parking Log’ (Skit)
3. ‘Rhyme or Reason’
4. ‘So Much Better’
5. ‘Survival’
6. ‘Legacy’
7. ‘A–hole’ (featuring Skylar Grey)
8. ‘Berzerk’
9. ‘Rap God’
10. ‘Brainless’
11. ‘Stronger Than I Was’
12. ‘The Monster’ (featuring Rihanna)
13. ‘So Far…’
14. ‘Love Game’ (featuring Kendrick Lamar)
15. ‘Headlights’ (featuring Nate Ruess)
16. ‘Evil Twin’

Bonus tracks:

17. ‘Baby’
18. ‘Desperation’ (feat. Jamie N Commons)
19. ‘Groundhog Day’
20. ‘Beautiful Pain’ (feat. Sia)
21. ‘Wicked Way’



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