Rapping computer, neons, statues and humans. Stay trippy with the new Computer Jay video.

Los Angeles’ Computer Jay has never shied from his passion for and interest in all things analogue (the recent Boiler Room live from his L.A studio gives a good idea of his inclination), using it to shape his music but also the visual aesthetic for his projects.

In the latest video for his most recent release, Savage Planete Discotheque vol.2, he takes all this to its next logical step with a short visual trip into a universe of his making where robots rap, neons are the favoured colour and humans seem under the strange control of some unseen presence. ‘Binary Fix’ features vocals from Orfeo and was directed by Computer Jay himself with Mochilla’s Eric Coleman as assistant director. And the robot rapping thing isn’t just a figure of speech, that’s a robot made by Jay himself out of Commodore 64, Moog and Atari 2600 parts.

You can purchase Savage Planete Discotheque vol.2 via iTunes with the vinyl available from select record shops worldwide. The release also features The Gaslamp Killer.

Last but certainly not least, you can also play the video game of the release online.



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