Putting those hatchet jobs to good use.

Keith Moliné, guitarist with experimental rock titans Pere Ubu and seasoned writer for music monthly The Wire, has announced an unusual new album for the Entr’acte label.

Titled Crritic!, the record comprises two interlocking pieces. The first, ‘I Only Asked’ uses recordings of interview questions to modulate various sound parameters, and is a reworking of a piece first performed at Café OTO in London in 2011. The second, ‘Hatchet Job’, is based on a computer speech recording of all the negative reviews Moliné has written for The Wire in the last ten years – around 50,000 words in all.

The album is dedicated to musicologist Hans Keller, 1950s tape music experimenter Desmond Leslie and punk chronicler Lester Bangs.

Crritic! will be released on November 11 in a limited run of 200 copies – watch the video below for a taster, and hear more audio on the Entr’acte website. [via The Wire]



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