UK house producer Midland announces new three-track single: stream samples inside drumtrak diving bell

UK house producer Midland has revealed the second single on his new label, Graded

The label launched in July with a pair of Midland’s own productions, ‘Archive 01′ and ‘Realtime’. He’ll follow that with another self-released single, this time a three-track affair comprising ‘Drumtrak’, ‘Diving Bell’ and ‘Diving Bell (Drum Dub)’. The EP’s not as minimal as those titles make it sound, however: ‘Diving Bell’ in particular is gorgeous submerged techno in the Newworldaquarium / Hazyville vein. You can stream samples below; release date is November 25.

Talking to FACT about the label this Summer, Midland explained that “For now, [Graded] is only really going to be an outlet for my music and collaborations. It’s not to say that the right music might not come along from someone else, and I am definitely open to releasing music by other people, it’s just I have quite a lot of ideas and music that I have been sitting on that for some time that suddenly seem possible now there isn’t another label’s framework to fit in to.”

“Graded conjours – for me at least – a certain fuzz and warmth”, Midland continues. “On a more subconscious level it’s also a backhanded comment on how we digest music these days, and how everything is scrutinised and analysed from the minute it enters the public realm.”



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