“Do as I say, not as I might have done”, Em tells fans.

Eminem‘s Marshall Mathers LP 2 is one of the biggest rap releases of the year and unsurprisingly the album began leaking earlier this week ahead of its November 5 release. Not content with merely suppresing the leaks, and in one case even forcing Rap Genius to remove the lyrics posted to the site, Shady Records and Eminem have posted a P.S.A from the rapper on their YouTube page.

Adopting his tried and tested comical tone, Em spends 30 or so seconds making fun (or so it seems) of the issue of music piracy before claiming that his younger self may have well indulged in the practice but now that he raps for a living people must buy his CDs. Which is one way to approach the situation. Hear it for yourself below. [via All Hip Hop]

A couple of days ago the FACT editorial team gave their first impressions of Marshall Mathers Lp 2, using a promotional copy of course.



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