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Essential Radio Listening: #03: Welcome To The Room


Show: Welcome To The Room

Station: Berlin Community Radio

Hosts: Anastasia Filipovna and Sarah Miles

When: Fortnightly – times vary.

What: Active since 2011 and based out of Berlin’s Farbfernseher, Welcome To The Room is a neat podcast/chat show/mix session hybrid. Each episode is tailored to a particular guest, and over the last 35-odd instalments, they’ve been attentive and eclectic bookers. The last year has seen Bristol head Kowton, blasted house producer Huerco S, a clutch of L.I.E.S. affiliates (Steve Summers, Ron Morelli) and the Awesome Tapes From Africa crew all stop by. It’s not all voguish names, either: elders like Gerd Jansen, Andrew Weatherall, Move D and MK have also stopped by in previous editions. Eyeing a niche, Filipovna and Miles set up Berlin Community Radio last year, and the station now hosts the show.

Playlist: Very much dependent on the guest – but, given those guests, invariably pretty natty, and interspersed with laid-back chat.

How to listen: Head to the Berlin Community Radio page, or trawl the archives over at the Farbfernseher Soundcloud page. 




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