Give Rochdale’s finest a grilling. 

Autechre don’t open up to their fans very often – indeed, FACT’s recent extensive interview with Rob Brown was one of the most in-depth interviews the pair have given in yonks.

This week, Autechre are fielding questions direct over at the We Are The Music Makers forum. Submissions for questions are currently being accepted over on the site, with a deadline of November 7 set on the on-going chat. If you ever wanted to know who Sean Booth’s favourite Beatle is, now’s your chance (we’ll be enquiring if there’s any more killer archive footage knocking around).

Head here to join the conversation. If some of the sample questions (“What’s is(was) your favourite effect/fx chain on a Quadraverb?”) are a bit intimidating, we’d advise spending some time with our The Essential…Autechre feature.



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