Body High announces first label comp; stream Samo Sound Boy & Floyd Campbell's 'Give Up'

The Los Angeles club purveyors announce their first official label compilation.

While Samo Sound Boy and Jerome LOL’s Body High has released its share of free compilations, November 19 will see the release of their first official collection, Work Volume 1.

A collection of new tracks, a handful of 2013 highlights, and new material from the “extended Body High family,” Work Volume 1 features Body High regulars Samo Sound Boy, Jerome LOL, Floyd Campbell, Myrryrs, and DJ Funeral, along with Fade to Mind associate Cedaa, defunct duo Grown Folk, and newcomers Matpat and Pipes.

The tracklist and acidic Samo Sound Boy & Floyd Campbell collaboration ‘Give Up’ are below. For more on Body High, there’s always FACT’s interview with the label’s co-founders.

1. Myrryrs – Intro Theme
2. Samo Sound Boy & Floyd Campbell – Give Up
3. Matpat – Feel Your Body
4. Jerome LOL – Alma
5. Samo Sound Boy – Your Love
6. Cedaa – Kawasaki
7. Floyd Campbell – Stretch
8. Pipes – Let’s Get Closer
9. Myrryrs – Memphis
10. Grown Folk – Freak Dis
11. DJ Funeral – Shutterbug



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