Bay Area survivor E-40 has been tackling the music industry on his own terms for years now, and now he’s set to focus his sights on, er, fine wines.

40 (real name Earl Stevens) has announced that he’ll be releasing the Earl Stevens Collection – a set of wines ranging from the relatively straightforward ‘Function Red Blend’ and ‘Moscato’ which should speak for themselves, to the ‘Mangoscato’, which oh yes indeed, is Moscato with mango flavoring.

Fittingly given Stevens’ proud location the grapes are Californian in origin, and as it turns out, the long-standing rapper is actually quite the wine lover. “I wanted to create my own wine because I’m a huge wine connoisseur,” he explained “I love wine and I got a name for myself so I decided to make my own.”

All becomes clear then, and Stevens’ entrepreneurial nous appears to grow by the day – needless to say there are three more full-length albums coming from the rapper before the end of the year. Surely he’s got to be the hardest working man in rap. [via HipHopDX]




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