David Lynch announces new 12" single, including Venetian Snares remix

Director, musician and committed quinoa enthusiast David Lynch has a new single to hand. 

Evidently not chastened by the lukewarm (and, this writer will swear to the grave, unfair) reception to his 2011 debut Crazy Clown Time, Lynch dropped the bluesy, morbid The Big Dream LP on Sacred Bones earlier this year. There’s more to come: as Exclaim report, a brand new Lynch track is now being readied for 12″ release.

Sacred Bones will put out the Bad The John Boy single next week. According to Lynch’s go-to producer Dean Hurley, the track dates back to the tail-end of 2012:

“It wasn’t really recorded with the LP in mind, but it was done around the end of last year when the bulk of the album was being made. It was earmarked for something else entirely, but that thing didn’t happen in a way that required the song… so up until now, it was ‘a song with no home.'”

Interestingly, the flip will feature a new remix of The Big Dream‘s title track by Planet Mu long-timer Venetian Snares, teased by Hurley as “music for the end crawl of a bootlegged sci-fi/horror film”. Macabre stuff, then.

Bad The John Boy is due on November 12. Sacred Bones have also dug out the hard-to-find soundtrack to Twin Peaks Season 2, which are available to buy from the label’s online store.



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