Stream Black Flag's first album in over 20 years, <i>What The...</I>. It still has the worst cover art going

Black Flag‘s first album for over 20 years, What The…, is now steaming on Spotify.

Of course, the current Black Flag isn’t the Black Flag that many grew up listening to: Greg Ginn, Gregory Moore and Ron Reyes are currently using the Black Flag name, while the other incarnation of the group (led by Black Flag co-founders Keith Morris and Chuck Dukowsi) have to settle for the name Flag. The relationship between the two groups is an acrimonious one, too: Ginn recently lost a lawsuit against Flag, in which the group were accused of copyright infringement for using the Black Flag logo.

Anyway, what about the music man? Stream What The…, complete with its appalling cover art, below and find out.



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