The beautiful people: check out Marilyn Manson's makeup-less <em>Eastbound & Down</em> cameo

The one-time shock rocker shows up as a rollerskating waiter on the HBO comedy.

Marilyn Manson has added actor Danny McBride to a list of collaborators that includes Gucci Mane, Johnny Depp, and Mr. Oizo. Manson appeared as a rollerskating waiter on HBO’s Eastbound & Down, wearing a feathered wig, yellow shorts, and no makeup.

Watch the clip below via TMZ; we have to agree, he does bare a passing resemblance to Jon Heder (aka Napoleon Dynamite) circa Blades of Glory.

It’s not Manson’s first TV/film performance, but it’s certainly his strangest, considering that he previously appeared in more offbeat fare like Lost Highway, Jawbreaker, and Party Monster.



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