Boxcutter announces new EP for Cosmic Bridge, <em>Gnosis</em>

The ever-adaptable Boxcutter has announced a surprise EP for Cosmic Bridge. 

The Northern Irish producer’s career is synonymous with the Planet Mu label: bar the occasional single for the likes of Hotflush or Kinnego, practically all of his output has snuck out on the imprint. His career has been a diverse one, tilting between throbbing dubstep (Glyphic), breaks (Arecibo Message) and woozy digital funk (The Dissolve) at the drop of a hat. More recent work has seen him snooping around the 170bpm mark; like label associate Machinedrum, he’s been complimenting wild-eyed jungle and d’n’b programming with analgesic synth tones and some Mordant Music wooze as The Host.

Boxcutter now has a new five-track EP in the works. Gnosis will arrive on Om Unit’s Cosmic Bridge label, previously home to the likes of Kromestar and Danny Scrilla. The release proceeds in a similar spirit to The Host, offering gossamer up-tempo beat music operating in the juke/footwork ballpark.

Gnosis will arrive on 12″ and download on December 16, with fancy geometric artwork from desginer Musashi Thoth. Snippets of the album are available to stream below.

1. Not The End Of The World
2. Dream Gator (with Ken & Ryu)
3. Daylight Saving
4. Gno515
5. Tibetan Metastate

6. (Digital Extra) Dream Gator (with Ken & Ryu) (Drums mix)



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