Lego meets modular synthesis? Check out littleBits and Korg's brilliant new synthesiser kit

Music hardware designers Korg have teamed up with littleBits for a new synthesiser kit, which allows musicians to create their own custom synths by snapping together components. 

The whole concept is a little like Lego meets modular synthesis, and gives musicians the opportunity to “create circuits like those used in Korg’s famous analog synthesisers” by combining up to 12 modules (power, two oscillators, filter, envelope, delay, keyboard, micro sequencer, mix, split, random, and synth speaker) that snap together with magnets. Pretty neat, right? The full kit will be available in December, and can be pre-ordered here [via Beatportal]. Here’s the full spiel, followed by a promotional video:

The littleBits synth kit is an incredibly powerful, easy to use modular synthesizer. The Synth Kit enables amateur and professional musicians to easily explore the iconic synthesizer instrument, allowing you to build your own sound machines (with signal generators, modifiers, modulators and controllers) and put on your own performances – all with little to no engineering or musical knowledge.

Developed to inspire innovation in hardware, littleBits lets users create circuits in seconds, with no soldering, no programming and no wiring required. littleBits has been recognized as “LEGO for the iPad generation” and has been heralded as the most extensive, modular and accessible electronics platform in the world. The brand’s Bits™ modules revolutionize the way people interact with technology by breaking down electronics into their very basic parts (lights, sounds, sensors, motors, programmable circuits), and making engineering fun and accessible to “non experts” of all ages including children , teachers, artists, designers, makers, hobbyists and tech-enthusiasts.

littleBits makes an open source library of electronic modules that snap together with magnets for prototyping, learning, and fun.



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