The legendary musician spoke about work, life and guitars in his first ever Ask Me Anything session for Reddit.

In recent years Nile Rodgers has come to embrace the internet like few of his contemporaries. That trend continued today with the Chic founder’s first ever Ask Me Anything (AMA) session for internet hub Reddit.

AMA sessions can often prove a treasure trove of interesting information, amid all the usual internet noise of adulation and trolling. Rodgers’ session wasn’t the most fascinating but it did include some interesting facts:

On the subject of the recently discovered Chic master tapes, Rodgers further confirmed that Daft Punk will be involved in one of the songs though steered clear of announcing any solid release details instead preferring to say that for now it’s more of a personal than commercial project.

In a question about fame, anonimity and his Daft Punk collaboration, the guitarist admitted that it was weird to be in the spotlight but that he had decided to ‘take one for the team’ by publicly fronting the project.

When asked about the most drastic changes to the music industry he’s witnessed, Rodgers answered it was file sharing, and the industry’s fumble of the entire opportunity.

The AMA is now closed but you can read it all back including plenty of tips about playing the guitar, collaborations and what he likes to eat.



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