PAN announce new albums from Jar Moff and NHK'Koyxen

The redoubtable PAN – our favourite label of last year, no less – will sneak out two more LPs before the year is out.

The first of the two arrives from Athens producer Jar Moff. Moff’s last album was 2012’s Commercial Mouth, a two-part olio made up of dusty samples and modern sonic detritus. Next month, he’ll return with Financial Glam, which features two extended tracks of carefully wrought collage music, crafted from samples and field recordings. The album is explicitly a comment on Greece’s current financial and political travails, with PAN promising “a music of upheaval” that “reflects the flux and tension of his home city”.

The second release comes from Kouhei Matsunaga, aka NHK’Koyxen. Matsunaga’s a seasoned operator, working across a broad spread of aliases: as NHK, he’s produced spartan minimal techno for Raster-Noton; he makes brutalized hip-hop as Koyxeи; and he’s also clubbed up with Sensational, Merzbow, and Autechre’s Sean Booth in the past. He brightened our 2012 with his Dance Classics Vol. 1 and Dance Classics Vol. 2 releases – two sets of tweaked, distorted 4X4 techno that hit the spot from a range of strange angles. PAN will release the third instalment in the Dance Classics series in December, and promise “bass/base electronics, music for the dancefloor and/or altered state reflection.”

Financial Glam and Dance Classics Vol. III are both due on December 15. Both albums have been mastered by Rashad Becker at D&M., and come with artwork from Karthryn Polits and Bill Kouligas.


Financial Glam:
Side A:
1. Financial Glam

Side B:
1. Kresentosiagona


Dance Classics Vol. III
Side A:
1. 629
2. 501
3. 341
4. 768
5. 675

Side B:
1. 811
2. 766
3. 762



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