Pernod Absinthe--11.2013

French record label and fashion house Kitsuné have got into the alcohol game, teaming up with London-based graphic design collective Åbäke and Pernod for a limited edition bottle of Absinthe.

Even better, every bottle comes packaged with an exclusive song by Is Tropical, hosted on SipStor. Oh, and even even better, the design features a glow in the dark fox. Here’s some more, from the press release:

The glow-in-the-dark design features the stylised Kitsuné fox logo (Kitsuné is the Japanese word for ‘fox’) and illustrated imagery to convey the imaginary world of Pernod Absinthe, inspired by the myth that lie behind the green spirit.

Pernod Absinthe is a high proof spirit like no other, distilled from the essential DNA of anise and Wormwood from the region of Pontarlier. As one of the most reputed producers of absinthe in France, the rarefied beverage blended of wormwood and other herbs has been bottled by Pernod since 1805.

By using traditional methods and combining wine based distillates and macerates of real herbs and botanicals, Pernod is leading the ultimate revival of absinthe by showing its respect for the original manufacturing process. The combination of the specifically chosen aromatic plants, the ancestry know-how of Pernod in terms of aromatic equilibrium and the mastery of traditional extraction processes reveal the true delicacy of wormwood and bring a subtlety and complexity to the final product.

Kitsune’s absinthe is available now at SipStor. Kitsuné are also back in London on 7th December for the Winter edition of their infamous parties, featuring Todd Edwards, Krystal Klear and more. Tickets and further info can be found here.



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