Gucci Mane has had a very peculiar year, and from the sounds of this latest caper it’s far from over.

The Atlanta rapper’s beef with Waka Flocka Flame acted as the catalyst for much of his more volatile behavior, and now Gucci is reportedly suing his former protégé along with a number of other Atlanta rap lynchpins. A court case put into action by Radric Davis (Gucci’s legal name) and Michael Armour has named not only Juaquin Malphurs (Waka Flocka Flame) and Debra Antney (Waka’s mother and Gucci’s former manager) but Xavier Dotson (aka producer and right-hand-man Zaytoven), Otis Jones, Jr. (aka Brick Squad’s OJ Da Juiceman) and Khia Stone.

The lawsuit accuses the group of fraud, racketeering, theft and breach of contract in relation to Gucci’s label 1017 Records, and many of the accusations refer specifically to events which happened during Gucci’s 2009 stint in jail for violating his probation. Gucci claims that Waka, along with his mother and Khia Stone, took control of 1017 while he was jailed, and illegally established at least three separate companies without his knowledge or consent and for Waka at least, in violation of an existing contract.

It doesn’t even end here – Gucci also accuses Antney of stealing a ring and necklace, seizing control of his assets and using them for herself, fraudulently misrepresenting industry costs and withholding payments. We can’t imagine this will end pleasantly, and neither Waka or his mother have spoken out over the claims as yet. [via Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

On a brighter Gucci-related note, Soundcloud user Caddy Boy has spliced together a set of well-worn Gucci acapellas with Boards of Canada’s most recognizable instrumentals – you can listen to the results here.

Update: Deb Antney has now released a full statement in which she clarifies her position but surprisingly doesn’t speak ill of Gucci himself. You can read the entire statement below.

“I’ve done a lot for the artists that I’ve represented, both past and present. I’ve not only helped and encouraged them in their professional lives, but in their personal lives as well. What people only hear is the negative. People love and feed off of drama. That’s nothing new, and unfortunately, I’m used to it. What no one talks about is how I was there for them, often times when no one else was.

“I refuse to use any platform to address negative issues. Let it be known, that I will never speak bad about any artist I’ve worked with. When I work with someone, I really throw myself into their success. They are never clients to me, they are family. Everyone who works for me only works for me on paper. In my office, it’s a family affair. And that goes deeper than rap…deeper than music…deeper than business. Employees and artists know that. So it confuses me how someone can attack me or come for me when I’ve done so much for them. But that’s the nature of this business. That’s why some people say don’t mix business with pleasure. Unfortunately for me, I never mastered that concept. I’m personable with everyone and my loyalty is to a fault. I won’t apologize for that; it’s who I am and it’s what allows me to be passionate about the projects I pursue.

“This situation with Gucci is hard for me to accept. I have a history with him that only he and I can truly know the value of, and I have a love for him that money can’t buy. Gucci and I have been through it all together. Our struggle gave us a relationship that is unbreakable. Even through this, I stand by him. Our history is a strong one, so this is very tough. That’s all I think I’ll say on Gucci, specifically, because I still hold him close to my heart, I’m still rooting for him, and I still value our bond. If he called me today and he needed me, I’d be there. I’d cuss him out, but I’d be there. Because that’s family, and that’s what family does.

“A lot of the people in my circle started from the bottom. We’ve all come a very long way. Some have left, and some are still here. We’ve fought, and we’ve celebrated. We’ve messed up, and we’ve learned. I’m still learning and I’m still building my empire. In whatever people want to do in their life, I wish everyone success, personal joy and fulfillment. I hope they wish the same for me. I won’t concern myself with those who don’t.”



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