Kanye West unveils 'Bound 2' video featuring a naked Kim Kardashian on a motorbike

A very Public Display of Affection. 

Yesterday Kanye West dropped in on The Ellen Show (where else?) to unveil the ‘Bound 2’ video, and boy oh boy, it’s a special one.

Combining the epic natural beauty of the Discovery Channel with the epic possibly-natural beauty of his own fiance, Kim Kardashian, and throwing in a motorbike, a wind machine and a green screen, the video treatment looks strikingly low-budget considering the spectacle he’s putting on with his current Yeezus tour. Trading on her previous on-screen experience, Kanye’s wife-to-be is naked at various points in the video. No sign of Charlie Wilson, sadly.

The official version hasn’t appeared online yet but thankfully someone has ripped a high quality version from the TV in the meantime. Kardashian has shared the full, uncensored versioin; watch it below:



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