Maxmillion Dunbar "fistpounds" <em>House of Woo</em> with mixtape of reworkings

The Beautiful Swimmer and Future Times co-founder recruits friends to reimagine his latest album.

Maxmillion Dunbar’s RVNG Intl. debut, House of Woo, was tabbed as “one of the sparkier dance albums of the year” and “a gem amidst all the buncombe” in William Skar’s review for FACT. Now, the producer’s punch-drunk genre studies will see new life as Woo Daps, a mixtape comprised of remixes, edits, and collaborative reworkings of the album’s tracks.

House Of Woo feels almost like an island to me now, a planet in the rearview that I was exploring but probably won’t see again,” says Dunbar. “To dip back into that world was fun.”

Among the highlights are a remix of ‘Inca Tags’ featuring Arthur Russell-collaborator Peter Zummo, sample wrangler Co La, and DJ/producer Sami Yenigun on flute and a “live jam mix” of ‘Kangaroo’ that features Protect-U and Aaron Coyes of Peaking Lights. Also included are three untitled tracks that hint at what’s to come for the DC-bred producer.

Stream Woo Daps below and download it for free via Bandcamp; the tracklist follows.

01. Coins For The Canopy (Dolo Constellation Dub) + Kangaroo brass
02. For Mozy (OG Ambience) + spare drums
03. For Mozy (Original Electro version)
04. Inca Tags (Trumpet Sludge) + spare drums
05. Inca Tags (Remix feat. Peter Zummo, Co La, Sami Yenigun)
06. Calvin & Hobbes (ECM Mix)
07. Loving The Drift (Ttam Renat Remix)
08. Untitled I
09. Slave To The Vibe (Cathedral 808 Mix) + drum work
10. Untitled II
11. Kangaroo (Live Jam Mix w/ Protect-U, and Aaron Coyes from Peaking Lights)
12. Untitled III



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