German art-pop outfit The Notwist have been far too quiet for far too long.

It’s been over ten years since their enigmatic breakthrough Neon Golden, and the band haven’t released a ‘proper’ album since 2008’s The Devil, You + Me. It’s a surprise then to hear that they are Sub Pop’s “career-justifying” new signing, and that the band has a brand new album finished and almost fit for consumption.

Entitled Close To The Glass, it will be released on February 25, and from the sounds of the title track (which you can hear in full below) it’s a return to the delightfully irreverent electronic pop that characterized their early albums.


01 Signals
02 Close To The Glass
03 Kong
04 Into Another Tune
05 Casino
06 From One Wrong Place To The Next
07 7-Hour-Drive
08 The Fifth Quarter Of The Globe
09 Run Run Run
10 Steppin’ In
11 Lineri
12 They Follow Me



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