Raekwon‘s new album Fly International Luxurious Art is just around the corner, and just to let us know he’s still here, The Chef has treated us to a brand new single.

Produced by Roadsart ‘A Rainy Day’ samples Only Built 4 Cuban Linx‘s ‘Rainy Dayz’ but is far from a mere throwback. Rae’s still got it as he recounts the breakdown of a relationship, and while melancholy, it’s far from the sad-boy whine of Wu-Tang fanboy Drake.

RZA might keep claiming that Raekwon is the reason why the long-promised new Wu-Tang full-length has been delayed, but if he keeps knocking out goodies like these, it’s hard to complain.

FACT examined the myths and legends surrounding the Wu-Tang Clan, and you can read about how RZA may have invented Serato, why Ghostface always wore that mask and more right here.



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