FACT mix 412: Logos

This week marks the release of Logos‘ Cold Mission, a record that we’ve been waiting a long time for.

Although Logos’ first release came in 2008, a dubstep track titled ‘Frontier Dub’ remixed and tucked away on the B-side of Narcossist’s ‘Sunblind’ 12″ (fun fact: Narcossist would later change his name to Kowton and take over the world. Or, at least, Bristol), it wasn’t until 2011 that he started to find his own sound, with a track titled ‘Kowloon’ gathering support from DJs and eventually being released on Martin Clark’s Keysound label in 2012. ‘Kowloon’ more or less sounded like a Wiley instrumental floating in space, and although Logos wasn’t the only producer trying to pull Wiley’s classic palette into the present – Jam City and Slackk were both doing similar things that year – his approach proved quietly influential on a younger generation of grime fans.

Moleskin, for instance, a new grime producer whose Goon Club All Stars label just released this beauty, told FACT this Summer that Logos was “the catalyst that prompted me to experiment with grime … It’s not strictly grime, but it perfectly understands grime’s weightlessness and energy and it’s channelled with that in mind. For me, Logos’ music is king.” He’s not the only one.

Behind the decks, Logos is a resident at grime club night Boxed with Slackk, Oil Gang and Mr. Mitch, and his FACT mix draws the links between three groups of artists: the wave of grime producers that orbits Boxed (Slackk, JT the Goon, Rabit), Keysound‘s “130” aesthetic (Wen, Moleskin), and the hard club music of Night Slugs and Fade to Mind (Nguzunguzu, Jam City, Neana). If that seems complicated, don’t worry – all that really matters is that the mix sounds great. Pay special attention to Gage’s ‘Telo’ – we already tipped you off to this guy, and he’s shaping up to be something really special.


1. Logos – Cold Mission (Keysound)
2. Rene Hell – Merci Cheri/Var len (PAN)
3. Rabit – Black Widow (unreleased)
4. Neana – Yeezus (unreleased)
5. Moleskin – Clemency (forthcoming Goon Club Allstars)
6. Nguzunguzu – Vision of Completion (Fade To Mind)
7. DJ Hoodcore – Phyre (AAMG)
8. Moleskin – The Docks (forthcoming Matool)
9. Jam City – Garlands (NS Club Constructions)
10. Gage – Telo (unreleased)
11. Wen – Nightcrawler Devil Mix (unreleased)
12. Mumdance & Logos – In Reverse PIV (Keysound)
13. Logos/Youngstar – Steel Pulse (unreleased)
14. Neana – Letter (unreleased)
15. Logos – Menace VIP (unreleased)
16. Mumdance & Logos – Proto (forthcoming Tectonic)
17. Slackk – Stasis (forthcoming Local Action)
18. Logos ft. Rabit – Swarming (Keysound)
19. JT the Goon – Twin Warriors (Rabit remix) (forthcoming Oil Gang)



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