London-based techno producer Perc announces new album, <I>The Power & The Glory</i>

London-based techno producer Perc will follow 2011’s Wicker & Steel with a new album on February 17, The Power & The Glory.

Perc has been releasing music for over a decade now, on a combination of his own Perc Trax label and other imprints (Easy Access, Premier, Kompakt Extra). Wicker & Steel, a brutal – but refreshingly humorous, at times – examination of modern-day England saw Perc reach a new level of attention and acclaim, and on The Power & The Glory, we’re promised that album’s sound “expanded outwards in every direction”, with Factory Floor’s Nik Colk Void providing vocals on ‘Speek’ and Dethscalator’s Dan Chandler contributing to ‘Rotting Sound’ and ‘Take Your Body Off’.

Also: check that album art, designed by Jonny Costello, above. Lovely, right? We’ve also embedded ‘London, We Have You Surrounded’, a FACT favourite from Wicker & Steel, below.

1. Rotting Sound
2. Speek
3. Lurch
4. Galloper
5. David & George
6. Horse Gum
7. Dumpster
8. Bleeding Colours
9. Take Your Body Off
10. A Living End



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