Long-standing media player Winamp

One more time for posterity: “Winamp: it really whips the llama’s ass”.

First the MiniDisc, and now this. Originally launched by Nullsoft back in 1997, Winamp became one of the more popular media playback services around the turn of the decade, and gained increased prominence as mp3 (and, by extension, file-sharing) culture began to catch on. Indeed, those of certain age will be well familiar with its deeply stupid demo MP3 and less-than-snazzy interface (see below) 

As Exclaim report, AOL – who bought the service back in 1999 – will call time on Winamp next month. The Winamp website will cease operations on December 20, and new downloads of the service will no longer be offered. Should the tens of you out there still using it be alarmed, the older versions of the programme will, of course, still function. Pour one out.




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