Sci-fi/action flicks get mashed-up in the video for Nguzunguzu's 'Mecha'; watch it now

The latest tune by the Fade to Mind duo soundtracks a hodgepodge summer blockbuster.

Nguzunguzu‘s ‘Mecha’ appears on their just-released Skycell EP, a grimy club track fueled by pneumatic pulses and swung samurai swords. In kind, the video by director Jude MC is martial and mechanical, thanks to footage from the genre of films that gives the song its name: sci-fi works that focus on humanoid robots.

“By sampling footage from contemporary sci-fi blockbusters I am able to, through a process of divination, analyze the sum of all dramatized scenarios surrounding technological advancement, AI, Alien Visitation/Invasion and the mechanization of earth,” writes Jude MC. “In time we will see if life imitates art – following the path of what is prophesied in these films… Or if, through the lessons learned and/or new discovery – we attempt an alternative planetary mode. In the meantime however it is certainly entertaining to watch earth, jeopardized on the big screen ;)”

Watch the video below, and see if you can name the source material (the full list and more information are available here). Previously, Jude MC directed videos for Kelela and Phsyical Therapy. For more Nguzunguzu, check out FACT’s recent interview with the pair about their “sad, sexy, scary” dance music.



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