Acid Arab compilation due out in 2014 featuring Omar Souleyman, Professor Genius and more

More Middle Eastern dance fusion madness.

French production duo Acid Arab, AKA Guido Minisky and Hervé Carvalho, are the minds behind this year’s top-notch EP series of the same name for Parisian label Versatile. With the aim of forging a hybrid genre from the disparate sounds of acid house and Middle Eastern music, the two EPs released so far include tracks from Legowelt, I: Cube, Omar Souleyman and Acid Arab themselves, plus the brilliantly named Boyz in the Oud.

The Acid Arab LP will contain 12 tracks of new material from the likes of Professor Genius, Rikslyd, Pilooski, Etienne Jaumet and I:Cube, plus one previously released track, the Crackboy remix of Omar Souleyman from the first EP. Following its digital release in France earlier this month, the compilation will be released worldwide in early 2014. [via RA]

Hear a preview mix of the whole album:


01 Rikslyd – Oriented
02 Omar Souleyman – Shift Al Mani (Crackboy remix)
03 Professor Genius – Couronne
04 Hanaa Ouassim feat. Turzi, Judah Warsky & Dj Gilb’R – Madad
05 Pilooski – The Wizzard edit
06 Acid Arab – Berberian Wedding
07 I:Cube – Le Bon Vieux Temps (Red Tape Mix)
08 Danny Mahboune – Ouzou Mneha (Live At Belleville)
09 Renart – Sahra Min Tahab
10 Dimmit – Blash
11 Etienne Jaumet – The Cheik Arrives
12 Acid Arab feat. Avril & Shadi Khries – Samira
13 Mattia – Surabaya



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