Atlanta beatsmiths Distal and Mite plan split tape <em>Concrete Space</em>

A nice bonus: the first 15 purchasers will receive a pair of high-end headphones; the first 10 will receive a portable cassette player, too.

Embassy Recordings co-founders Distal and Mite have readied a split, 10-track EP entitled Concrete Space. Distal’s half favors 808-heavy, rave-rap reconfigurations while Mite’s acid house / techno mutations are more meditative.

In addition, Embassy has teamed with West coast design company nocs, who will provide a free pair of high-end headphones to the first 15 purchasers of the tape. Need to get in on the cassette revival? The first ten purchases will receive a portable cassette player.

Concrete Space is due out in cassette and digital formats on December 3. The promo flyer, along with a preview of the EP and its tracklist are below. Distal’s ‘Battle for ATL’ opens the tape; we premiered it last year.

A1. DISTAL – Battle For ATL
A2. DISTAL – Defnet
A3. DISTAL – Got The Block Hot
A4. DISTAL – Fadebook Federali
A5. DISTAL – Monroe

B1. MITE – Cemetery Seance
B2. MITE – Drum Habit
B3. MITE – Witch Doctor
B4. MITE – Cop Car
B5. MITE – Duppy Dem



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