Bauhaus release 5 Album Boxset of '80s studio LPs, singles and B-sides

More gothic drama than you can shake a broomstick at.

Beggars Archive, the sublabel that serves the back catalogue of all the Beggars imprints, will this month release a bumper boxset chronicling Bauhaus, the influential goth band founded in 1978 by Northampton youths Peter Murphy, Daniel Ash, Kevin Haskins and David J.

Titled 5 Album Boxset, the collection contains the four albums Bauhaus recorded before their initial split in 1983 – In the Flat Field (1980), Mask (1981), The Sky’s Gone Out (1982) and Burning From the Inside (1983) – plus as a 20-track disc featuring singles, mixes and B-sides.

In the Flat Field and Mask are the remastered versions used for the previously released Omnibus editions, while The Sky’s Gone Out and Burning From the Inside have been newly remastered by Tony Cousins. The five-disc set is due out on Beggars Archive this month.

Earlier this year, Bauhaus singer Peter Murphy was sentenced to three years of probation after a drug-related hit-and-run incident in Los Angeles.

See the tracklists below and watch the video for Bauhaus’ ‘Spirit’, which features in the set:

5 Album Boxset tracklists:

CD 1: In the Flat Field
01 Double Dare
02 In The Flat Field
03 A God In An Alcove
04 Dive
05 The Spy In The Cab
06 Small Talk Stinks
07 St. Vitus Dance
08 Stigmata Martyr
09 Nerves

CD 2: Mask
01 Hair Of The Dog
02 The Passion Of Lovers
03 Of Lilies And Remains
04 Dancing
05 Hollow Hills
06 Kick In The Eye 2
07 In Fear Of Fear
08 Muscle In Plastic
09 The Man With X-Ray Eyes
10 Mask

CD 3: The Sky’s Gone Out
01 Third Uncle
02 Silent Hedges
03 In The night
04 Swing The Heartache
05 Spirit
06 The Three Shadows Part 1
07 The Three Shadows Part 2
08 The Three Shadows Part 3
09 All We Ever Wanted
10 Was Everything
11 Exquisite Corpse

CD 4: Burning From the Inside
01 She’s In Parties
02 Antonin Artaud
03 Wasp
04 King Volcano
05 Who Killed Mr. Moonlight?
06 Slice Of life
07 Honeymoon Croon
08 Kingdom’s Coming
09 Burning From The Inside
10 Hope

CD 5: Singles
01 Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores
02 Poison Pen
03 Telegram Sam
04 Ziggy Stardust
05 Dark Entries
06 Scopes
07 The Sanity Assassin
08 Spirit
09 Lagartija Nick
10 Earwax
11 Watch The Grandad Go
12 Third Uncle (Single Edit)
13 Terror Couple Kill Colonel
14 In Fear Of dub
15 Kick In The Eye (Single remix)
16 She’s In Parties (Single Edit)
17 Crowds
Bonus tracks
18 Paranoia, Paranoia
19 Spirit In The Sky
20 Bela Lugosi’s Dead (Tomb Raider Mix)



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