WANDA GROUP returns to NNA Tapes for A Slab About Being Held Captive LP


Brighton producer Louis Johnstone has announced his return to NNA Tapes for another album as WANDA GROUP, the alias under which he’s released a string of mulchy, lo-fi sedatives, starting in 2011 with the Bass Urine cassette on the same label.

A Slab About Being Held Captive is due out on December 17 and contains just two long-form tracks, one per side – expect more dense and abstract collagework built from a palette of crushed and dessicated tape hiss and found sounds.

As prolific in the studio as he is on his ALL CAPS, ALL THE TIME Twitter, Johnstone has already released two EPs as WANDA GROUP this year – Masculinity Is A Wonderful Thing on Where To Now? and the Birth Body split EP with Ssaliva on Woetone. These follow last year’s introduction to WANDA GROUP via the beguiling Piss Fell Out Like Sunlight LP.

NNA Tapes recently released the Migrations In Rust cassette Two Shadows, which you can stream here. [via JunoPlus]


A. How To Learn How To Concentrate
B. No Mouth Or Transparency And Variable Curvature

Hear an excerpt from his previous Masculinity Is A Wonderful Thing EP:




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