Berlin’s CTM Festival was already looking like a safe bet, but this new selection of acts has pushed it into pretty exclusive territory.

Since CTM is putting a spotlight on Peter Rehberg‘s excellent Edition Mego imprint, it’s hardly surprising to see an appearance from Reheberg’s collaborative project with Sunn O)))‘s Steven O’Malley, KTL. It doesn’t stop there however, O’Malley’s excellent Ideologic Organ imprint gets a special focus, with a multichannel piece from Akos Rozmann and elsewhere, Spectrum Spools gets a look in with an appearance from ex-Emeralds man John Elliot under his Outer Space guise. Russell Haswell, Yasunao Tone, Chris Madak (Bee Mask) and COH &  Tina Frank all show up to represent Mego proper, and most excitingly there will be a programme of work exploring France’s pioneering GRM Studios.

Also announced are appearances from London’s Actress, Chicago driller Sasha Go Hard (yep, really), Rashad Becker, Helena Hauff, Mika Vainio & Charlemagne Palestine, Beneath, Minimal Wave boss Veronica Vasicka and plenty more. These artists join the already-announced Porter Ricks, Mark Ernestus, James Holden, Opal Tapes and more.

For more information and tickets head here.



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