ATL rapper, strong set of teeth, seeks business partner for FaceTime.

Waka Flocka Flame has been on the couch this week dishing out sex and relationship advice to VladTV presenter Nessa. The rapper, who has a fiancee and a daughter, emphasised that FaceTime “is mandatory” when he’s on the road and noted that too much sex isn’t always a good thing.

“I feel like sex can hurt [a relationship], he said. “If you’ve got so much time, have so much sex, what is there to do? There ain’t that many positions in the world.”

Waka then explained that his partner has to be in business with him too.

“You gotta create revenue with each other. “They gotta be your business partner too. You gotta want a woman to be independent, ‘cos if you got a girl that just rely on you, when you’re sick, when you break a leg, what’s she gonna do? Feed you soup all day?”

He added: “You gotta go get that bacon.”

Waka recently revealed that his mongrel album of rap-EDM is coming next year and will be called Flockaveli Psychotics. He’s currently being sued by Brick Squad boss Gucci Mane following his former friend’s very public Twitter meltdown. [via XXL]



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