Levon Vincent is offering producers a three-month apprenticeship in Berlin

Submit a demo and you could join Levon’s boot camp.

NYC house boss Levon Vincent is doing pretty well for himself these days, topping the bill at Dekmantel and Fabric and putting out seriously high-quality music of his own, like this year’s NS08 EP – but now it seems the DJ and producer wants to give something back.

Currently based in Berlin, Vincent is offering an up-and-coming producer the chance to live rent-free in the city for three months, where they’ll be able to work on their music full-time. “Think of it as boot camp,” he explained in a Facebook post.

The DJ and producer will even throw in some equipment and offer his production tips to the chosen candidate. No timewasters, though: “You must be completely committed to your craft. Anything else is secondary, and I’ll know immediately from the first beat of your demo so don’t front!”

Candidates should email their demos (two tracks maximum) via Soundcloud links to levonvincent@hotmail.com with the subject line “bootcamp”. Read Vincent’s offer in full below.

Esteemed dance music writer Philip Sherburne was among the many who voiced their approval on Facebook: “I just went from having the most pessimistic day to having faith in people again. You rule. Nah, fuck that, because you’re not doing this for the props or the backpatting: WE rule. People. All of us. We just have to believe in ourselves. Thank you for reminding me of this.”

Catch Vincent this New Year’s Eve in London, where he’ll see in 2014 at the secretsundaze party in Brixton alongside Shed and Point G. [via RA]

Here’s the full message from Vincent:

My friends, my career has gone well these past few years. I have debts and a lot of overhead these days, but I am working hard and I’m very proud to say I have achieved a situation where I have steady work. Things are optimistic for me for at least a year or two. I am ready to start sponsoring / apprenticing people. Maybe one musician at a time. Let’s develop something. A ‘tourist’ can live legally in Berlin for 90 days. I want to begin supporting an up-and-comer for 90 day segments, essentially I will pay your rent for 3 months in Berlin, likely a room for rent in a flat where we know music-making will be allowed. We have to find one. We got resources and a community. I got a little bit of kit to kick down too. Monitors, at least. We’ll get you sorted out. And I’ll check in with you once a month or whatever. Maybe I can offer some guidance too. Basically I want to facilitate your 24/7 music making. And your partying, too. As long as that’s musical.

Please send some of your demos, (2 songs only), via soundcloud links to levonvincent@hotmail.com. Subject “bootcamp”
If I can find someone to believe in, then I can help care for your living expense while you take a small time out of your life to focus solely on your own craft. 3 months should be enough time to learn a thing or two. Think of it as bootcamp. You must be completely committed to your craft. Anything else is secondary, and I’ll know immediately from the first beat of your demo so don’t front! I’m looking forward to hearing some new world sounds. Thank you for participating.



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