Cream Juice look as weird as they sound.

The duo behind the 50th best album of 2013 (as announced on FACT’s annual rundown, which started today) have inadvertently toasted their success with the release of a brilliant new video for the track ‘Oh Oh Oh Oh’.

Released on Orange Milk – incidentally, the only cassette label to make it into FACT’s Top 10 Labels of 2013 – Cream Juice’s astonishing Man Feelings tape is a frenetic collision of guitar skronk, skweee, free jazz and glitch filed under track titles like ‘Coleslaw’ and ‘Man Made Womb’. As our regular tape expert Brad Rose wrote in his review, “Keith Rankin and Seth Graham have managed to completely lose their marbles on here and end up sounding like nobody else.”

The video by Huckleberry Friend is suitably retro too, with pixellated Pink Panthers and flashing pineapples squeezed into a boxy aspect ratio that gives it the look of a ghostly TV channel. [via Ad Hoc]

Head to Bandcamp to hear Man Feelings and buy it on tape or digitally.



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