Set in the historic Petrovaradin Fortress in Serbia, EXIT has to be one of the most perfectly located festivals in the world.

2014’s edition is set for July 10-13, and will be EXIT’s 15th anniversary, so we should expect great things. The first big difference is that the festival organizers have managed to pair up with the three-day Sea Dance festival on Montenegro’s Jaz Beach. Those of you with time and money handy can make a week of it, and opt for the EXIT Adventure package, which bundles up the two events in a seven-day multi-country musical extravaganza.

There haven’t been any musical details revealed yet, but early tickets are already starting to trickle out and if you want the best deal you know that buying blind is often the best option. At the very least you can rest assured that you’ll end up in one of Europe’s most beautiful locations.

For more information and tickets head here.



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