Max Cooper announces debut album Human – hear tearjerking new single 'Adrift'

The UK producer and DJ finally delivers a full-length.

Max Cooper has been pottering around the electronica landscape since the late ’90s, becoming something of a cult figure among fans of melodic and glitchy dancefloor music and making a name for himself as a formidable live performer.

Next year the producer and genetic scientist (everyone needs a day job) will releases his debut album, Human, which is billed as a step away from his catalogue of club music. The LP is preceded by ‘Adrift’, an impossibly gorgeous, faintly Massive Attack-flavoured single featuring vocals from Cooper’s long-time collaborator Kathrin deBoer of Brighton electronic trio Belleruche.

“I had a simple piano chord progression and a randomised percussion idea to give to Kathrin, who captured the feeling beautifully with her lyrics and jazz influenced vocal approach,” he says of the track. “It’s more of a personal piece of music for me than a club track, which is the approach I’ve taken for the whole album.”

Human is due out on March 14, 2014, through Fields, while ‘Adrift’ is out December 16, accompanied by a Raffertie remix. [via RA]

Hear ‘Adrift’:


01 Woven Ancestry
02 Adrift feat. Kathrin deBoer
03 Automaton feat. BRAIDS
04 Supine
05 Seething
06 Numb feat. Kathrin deBoer
07 Impacts
08 Empyrean
09 Apparitions
10 Potency
11 Awakening



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