L.I.E.S. founder Ron Morelli announces <em>Spit</em> offcut EP, <em>Backpages</em>

Morelli follows-up his superb debut LP with 30 minutes of new material.

While Ron Morelli‘s Spit certainly earned its spot in FACT’s 50 Best Albums list, the album’s 35-minute runtime may leave fans of the producer’s “lurking, paranoid” experiments wanting. Thankfully, Morelli will return to Dominik Fernow’s Hospital Productions for Backpages, a 30-minute EP of material written during the Spit sessions.

The EP includes three new tracks (with underworld-dwelling titles ‘Public Consumption’ ‘Another Hit’, and ‘Rushing Again’), along with an extended version of techno jam ‘Crack Microbes’. Preview and purchase Backpages over at Boomkat.

FACT recently interviewed Morelli about clubs, iTunes, and why he’s “just disgusted by humanity.”



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