Rap song was created based solely on input from Youtube audience. And thankfully trolls didn’t ruin it for everyone.

Last month, Clams Casino and rapper Vic Mensa took part in the HP-sponsored 2Days Beat project. The idea was for the pair to spend time in a studio creating music based on input from a Youtube audience. Despite our original fears that this could be a bad idea – considering the average quality of a Youtube comment – the resulting track and video have turned out rather well.

‘Egyptian Cotton’ is the result of this ‘experiment’, one of three tracks that the pair created over the three days they were ‘holed up’ in the studio.

An audience of some 214,000 people made over 10,000 comments that helped shape the music as well as art created in the studio by members of Shepard Fairey’s L.A studio and subsequently used in the video.

You can see the results for yourself below.



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