Never one to offer the public what they expect (or indeed what they might think they want) Oneohtrix Point Never‘s visual accompaniment to ‘Boring Angel’ might be his weirdest yet.

Following on perfectly from the grotesque internet culture homage of Lopatin’s ‘Still Life’ video (which was no.4 in our Top 20 Videos of 2013), it might be Lopatin’s subtlest treatment to date. Minimal almost to a fault, the content should be easy to decipher for anyone who indulges in contemporary text messaging, and through a series of familiar emojis a heartbreaking story is told.

The video is directed by John Michael Boling, and falls perfectly in line with the themes explored on Lopatin’s excellent full-length R Plus Seven, which was placed at no.37 on our Best Albums of 2013 list.




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