Wiley's best quotes of 2013

Wiley spent 2013 like Wiley spends most of his years: releasing a lot of music and having a lot of fights. 

Over the course of the year, Wiley crossed paths with fellow artists (Rizzle Kicks, Dot Rotten, Big H), festivals (Glastonbury, Cockrock), his long-suffering management team and more. Given the constant amusement he’s caused us – and, judging by the traffic, many of you too – we’ve compiled his finest quotes from a year spilling over with them. This is Wiley’s 2013, in his own words, culled from a collection of Twitter posts and interviews. But mostly Twitter.

Wiley on Rizzle Kicks:

“Lol at you put together fake kris kross duo…bunch of monkey’s. your jokes are stupid …check this you could sell 10 million in a week you still would not be accepted in credible urban life.”

Wiley on the Holocaust:
“Is there a film about the “Holocaust”?”

Wiley on Tim Westwood leaving the BBC:
“I’m not happy about that – I am not happy about that. Westwood should have died in Radio 1, like Alex Ferguson – he is Alex Ferguson, in hip-hop.” [source]

Wiley on, er, Mr. Blobby
“I’ve done what you wanted me to do, and I’ve got all the money, and now I’m flying, so I can do what I want. I would not have a million in the bank, and still be chatting shit and doing Mr. Blobby. No way. No way.” [source]

dizzee-rascal-2009-2-LST066476Wiley on leaking The Ascent:
“I am leaking my album at 7…Americans do it so i am doing it. If ITunes don’t do what i say i am leaking the album at 7 and i am not joking… I made a mistake on the album i need to make a change if Itunes cannot change the mistake i will leak it………….today….”

Wiley on walking out on Warner:
“My label are doing ‘Lights On’ next but I do not like that so you will not see me in the video … If my first two singles were dance and third was drum and bass, why am I doing a dance single fourth … my musical mind is better than that. I am walking out of Warner today, I don’t need em anymore. I’ve rinsed majors for every penny, enough is enough. Need to put my own money where my mouth is now and stop pussy footing around the industry. I have got time for [Warner] and I respect you but goodbye.”

Wiley on Dot Rotten:
“If you think your Kendrick send for me I will take ur head off by the evening.”

Wiley on Rizzle Kicks again
“Bunch of wankers.” [source]

Wiley on walking out of Cumbrian festival Cockrock:
“[P]lease stop sending me to farms to peform [sic] please mate …I am a yardie man ffs wtf. I Just earnt £1000 a min. Best job ever despite anything else. I was right as well that festival had nothing to do with why I am on earth I hate my agent for the right reasons. Today we start the spending of 15 k in style …Fuck them pagans in Cumbria.”

More Wiley on Cockrock:
“Cumbria listen to this FUCK OFF … I don’t care about anything you any if you have to say your lucky I ain’t even came to Cumbria and done 15 mins and took your money ..pricks. The shit festival I was booked for should of never even got booked it was a edl festival … Some shit small capacity festival wtf … and I done my job and they want money back ..they are lucky I am not sueing them for stuff thrown. Apple and cinnamon crumble … Boom. You inbreds get off my @’s and get a life you been tweeting me for days you assholes … fucking reptillions … Get the fuck out of here you county of witches children … And tell your local newspaper to fuck off as well mate … Sling ya hooks … Don’t throw stuff on stage and cry wolf when I leave the stage get paid and leave… Fuck off you got ur show u sang every word now fuck off. You bunch of invalids … bunch of cretins.”

Wiley on calling Cumbrian people pagans:
”Pagan’s just a word but they don’t know that yet, It’s a London thing. I don’t want them to think I hate Cumbria.” [source]

semtex wiley featureWiley on walking out of Glastonbury:
“Soon as I land …Rain ffs
This is what happens when u listen to [manager] @Jrwoolfw ..you leave the sun for the rain. I hate my team somedays. Fuck it life goes on but I am pissed .Glastonbury ain’t paying me enough to leave my comfort zone …tight bastards. I’m gonna tell al the promoters how much Glastonbury get away with paying people and the other festivals will think wtf…fuck them and their farm. @GlastoFest please cancel me I do not want to play for you ever again.”

Wiley on his manager getting him to play Glastonbury:
“Everybody is getting sacked. Dear God Please Strike John Woolf Down.”

And Wiley on Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis: 
“I actually respect the guy and his hustle and his farm. I don’t have to play there …God knows and I know …all this moaning means nothing to neither me or god. Tbf my manager and team could of prevented this but I don’t blame them I’m just glad I ain’t at glasto …Amen. I take back “fuck them and their farm tho” that’s rude I wouldn’t say that.”

Wiley on DJ Semtex:
“@semtex dizzee had to sack you cos the one arm dj hype was wearing off”

Wiley’s regrets at saying that to DJ Semtex: 
“Very wrong of me … god strike me for saying this please I deserve it.”

And finally, Wiley on Twitter
“I love twitter I swear it’s so sick.”



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