Best of 2013: artists' lists

This year, as with every year, we follow FACT’s collective and individual 2013 lists with selections from some of our favourite artists and labels of the year.

For 2013, we’ve focused on asking up-and-coming acts for their favourite things of the year. Generally speaking, what we like most about end of year season is the opportunity to discover music that we might have missed, and – again, generally speaking – we find that it’s the more under-the-radar acts that recommend the most interesting music. Or, as is the case in some lists, recommendations of acts to watch, anime and weed strains.


Prurient / Vatican Shadow’s favourites of 2013
Scratcha DVA’s favourites of 2013
Maxmillion Dunbar’s favourite records of 2013
FaltyDL’s favourites of 2013
Goon Club Allstars’ favourite records of 2013
How to Dress Well’s favourite records of 2013
Glacial Sound’s favourites of 2013 and ones to watch in 2014
Logos’ favourite records of 2013
Niche ‘n’ Bump’s favourite pirate radio stations of 2013
Pinch’s favourite records of 2013
The Bug’s favourite albums of 2013
– J-Cush’s biggest tunes and favourite weed strains of 2013
Mr. Mitch’s producers to watch in 2013
Murlo’s favourites of 2013
Nightwave’s one to watch for 2014
– Spencer Hickman’s (Death Waltz) favourite releases of 2013
Pete Swanson’s favourite releases of 2013
Inkke’s favourites of 2013 and ones to watch in 2014 
Rob Booth’s (Houndstooth) favourite things of 2013
– Kostas Soublis’s (Fluxion) favourites of 2013
– Slackk’s favourite releases and unreleased tracks of 2013
Mella Dee’s favourite tracks of 2013
Samo Sound Boy’s ones to watch in 2014
Distal’s favourite releases of 2013
– Nic Bullen’s favourite releases, labels and live shows of 2013
Things that touched The GTW in 2013
The-Drum’s favourite releases of 2013
Druture’s best everything of 2013
Supreme Cuts’ favorite releases of 2013

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