Goon Club Allstars' (Moleskin, Ed and Jordan) best of 2013

Felix / Moleskin:

Kanye West – Bound 2


Jam City – Club Constructions EP

No need to pick one, just play them all one after the other.

Mssingno – XE2

Yeah im picking a track we released, and what, you wanna fight about it? One year on this all still makes us move like we only heard it for the first time. Rest of the ep is quite good too.

Ciara – Body Party

my body is ur body baaaaby it’s amazing

Antwon – 3rd world grrl / Still Guarded

‘twon – Goon Club’s favourite rapper

DJ Magical – Pantone

Another track from the “we were meant to release this but the project file is lost” pile. Simple and effective. I keep playing this and running out to the dance floor to bop around.

DJ Marfox – Drift Furioso

Originally released in 2006 but re-issued this year for free, we nicked this from Samename (thanks buddy), this one is the go to dance floor rescue remedy. One day we’ll find the Teriyaki Boys and ask them to do us a special on this. Magic formula for a club banger – good hip hop sample + hard af drums.

Kelela – Floor show

Favourite from her mixtape (mixtape of the year).

Future Brown – Wanna Party feat. Tink

Turn up anthem.

Mokona – Skyline Club Relic

This is the first track I heard from Mokona twpo years ago, so exciting and noisy and euphoric. The feeling of you get when you stand in a club swaying slightly during the breakdown is perfect. And then the bassline rushes back in and it’s back to panic mode.


NA – Flute Gasp
DJ Koze – Homesick (Feat. Ada)
Deamonds – AIR Max 97

thats my top three tunes 2k13, all chosen cos they’re arddddd.


Omar. S – Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself (First thing that came to mind that Ed & Felix didn’t cover)



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