Things that touched The GTW in 2013

The “SUBTLE” Re-emergence of ATL Bass / Chicago ghetto house

“Chicago and Atlanta have long been linked as sister cities. I know so many people that have moved to and from Atlanta. I’ve been there quite a few times myself to visit friends and family and my friends have come here to visit/play shows me. There are so many similarities in both cities especially with ’90s underground club music. One of the things this year that I loved was the “subtle” re-introduction of this style of music coming from Atlanta locals like Ciara, LQRCBNT and Chicagoans like Supreme cuts, myself and our friends (P.S. we’re working on a compilation together). It’s all I ever seemed to play at any party since i started DJing, same with my label mate Sir Devin Hudson. It’s funny because now I could play old tracks I made in like high school at a house party and people get it a little bit, kinda. It’s all a big influence on my upcoming album along with sounds I grew up on like neo-soul, soukous (Nigerian) and samba. Excited to see where this all goes in 2014, hopefully no weird outsider music nerd turns it into EDM or something lownt like that.”

K Michelle’s Rebellious Soul Album

“I first heard of K Michelle through Vh1’s Love & Hip Hop reality show. I somehow fell in love with her loose speaking, hot headed demeanor, a trait I’m familiar with seeing in the women I give my time to. When Rebellious Soul was released, I was going to throw it into the “wanna be Keisha Cole” category before even lending it an ear. But with song titles like ‘F*ck you like I’m Tryna’ Pay Bills’, ‘I Can’t Raise a Man’ and ‘When I Get a Man’, those comparisons immediately vanished.

This is undoubtedly album of the year to me because her lyrics are spewing with honesty that isn’t….dull? The Grammys did a good job this year with picking artist but you can’t skip the singer with the #1 R&B album of the year. Like my beb said on Twitter, “I guess a little black girl who truly speaks her mind is 2much huh?”


“”I love you enough for the both of us” – This is undoubtedly my favourite edit of the year. And I’m basing it purely on the fact of how many times I find myself singing this in the shower. In 8th grade I was a little drummer boy who always made the drums to Clipse’s ‘Grindin’ on my desk with my fist and a pen. Hearing Total Freedom throw those drum on this Jhene Aiko edit had me weak. This edit was hella drone.”

Songs That Had Me Lownt This Year

Kit – Lights On
“You know i sexyuh like i Luhh yaaa” He’s the Lownt God.
Tokyo Shawn – I know You
“Supreme & Soulful” a shared a passionate make out session w/ sum1 to this.
YUNG SATAN- Chocolate Grl
“MIOID” I begged How To Dress Well to play this at a party, he didn’t = (
Heard this song on sportscenter. Neymar was dancing to this.

Got the opp to do an official Tink remix:

My manager and bestos @melknee put me onto Tink early last year. I instantly fell in love with her work, come to find out we’ve recorded in the same studio, and she literally stayed in the next neighbourhood over. When I got the email from her manager stating that I could do remix of her I flipped. This is what came out of it.

These Labels Killt This Year:

Black Butter Records
Body High
Fade to Mind

I don’t think i need to explain.



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